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Is Tropical


Is Tropical / Dancing Anymore

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Ab-Soul ft, Jhene Aiko ft. Danny Brown,
Control System


Ab-Soul ft, Jhene Aiko ft. Danny Brown

Terrorist Threats

Control System

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The Temper Trap,


Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap

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Tokyo Police Club,
Argentina (Parts I, II, III)
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God Save The Villain ft. Childish Gambino - Erick Arc Elliott

Listen to an unreleased feature from 2012

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Tokyo Police Club,
Playlist JDK#42 (February 2014)

Hot Tonight | Tokyo Police Club

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Just Hold On We’re Going Home - Arctic Monkeys

I can’t get over you

you left your mark on me

I want your hot love and emotion endlessly


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The Internet Feat. Yuna,
Feel Good

This is the part where they kinda fall in love a little bit. It’s not a very pretty or perfect love, or even necessarily a romantic love. It’s more like two helpless things in the wild, and one says “I’ll protect you”, and both parties know it’s a lie because there’s no way either of them can protect the other from anything. That lie is the best way to describe this love. It’s a connection. The less alone. This is all we look for on earth.  

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